“Far Away” Is Not so Far Away at All

Hi, everyone! It’s me and Mom with some EXCITING NEWS!

If you remember from my previous post, I had a project that I was working on, and it was a big one. Recently all the hard work paid off, and I am excited to show you the result.

There is a little school in Tungod, Inabanga, Philippines that was badly damaged by an earthquake followed by a tsunami, and it used to be flooded every day at high tide, which is usually when the kids go to school.

Here is a picture of the flooded school:


Money was needed to buy gravel to fill the school yard so that the high tide will not be able to flood it anymore.

Thanks to my family and neighbors and friends who saved bottles for me or sent donations to HAND Philippines for my project, I was able to raise a LOT of money to buy gravel. I gave it to Sarah and Henk to bring to the Tungod Primary School in Tungod, Inabanga.


And this week, THIS HAPPENED!


This makes me so happy, I don’t even have enough words to explain it.

Thank you soooooooooo much to everyone who helped me with this project. This is OUR project together! I hope it makes you happy too. I will show more pictures when the school gets all fixed up.

Maybe we can do some more good things together in the future.

Remember that any place, no matter how far away in miles, can be very close in our hearts.

love_hearts_pair-wideLove, Evan