Hi – this is Evan, and in today’s blog post I would like to talk about my friend, Mrs. R.  She is 94 years old!


Every day I go over to her house and I get her mail, play with her, read to her, and help her with anything she needs.


Mrs. R. has taught me how to spread hope to people her age. And she gives me hope in many ways.

One of the ways that she gives me hope is that every time she has a struggle, she always comes back and gets strong again.


I learned from Mrs. R. that even though she’s 94, people her age can exercise every morning. She does over 200 leg exercises and 200 arm exercises every morning! And when I come over, we usually play pass and she gets more exercise. She even sits down on the floor and gets back up really well!

playing catch 3

Mrs. R. is the best exerciser who is 94 that I have ever known of in my life. She is a good example of someone who gives hope to all of us.

Mrs. R. and I have lots of fun when I go over. She says it’s one of the most enjoyable times of her day, and it is one of the best times of my day, too. She is like a grandmother to me.

Here is a picture to prove it!


Mrs. R. cannot see very well, so it is surprising that she can play cards with me! She brings hope to other people who have a hard time seeing.

Mrs. R. and I like to play cards a lot. Even though she cannot see very well, she beats me a lot at cards!

This time I let her win – let’s see if you can see how I did it:

These are just a few ways that me and Mrs. R. like to connect. We are like two peas in a pod. Even though there are 84 years between us we are still the best of friends!


I thought telling you all about my friend Mrs. R. would be a great way to spread the Easter hope!

Happy Easter to everyone – and keep spreading the hope!

Love, Evan (and Mrs. R. too!)


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