Evan and Mommy A-Day Photo

We are a boy and his mom on an everyday adventure to find light in what sometimes feels like a world-gone-dark.  Mine is a quest to take advantage of the time I have with my son to show him that everywhere we go light overwhelms darkness and hope overwhelms despair, and that sometimes we have to provide the light and the hope ourselves.

Childhood is a blur in this fast-paced society.  This sweet child with the boundless energy and the hugely compassionate heart, like all children, has grown too quickly.  We are setting off on this adventure together at a time in his life when the eyes and the heart are still wide open, the spirit is willing, and adventure is a blank page on the road before us, which I hope we will color indelibly with love and hope we will find and provide wherever we go, weaving a tapestry of the heart for my son to carry with him for always.
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