My Grampy was a World War II Veteran. He was a hero in World War II but my mom told me he didn’t think so. But I know he was. And also he is my hero.

When I was little my mom always would stop people when she saw them near a car with a Veteran’s license plate. She would shake their hands and say “Thank you for your service”. So since I could say the words I have done the same thing myself, because I know how much Veterans have sacrificed and that Veterans are the reason we have so much freedom in our country.

Sometimes the Veterans cry when I tell them “thank you”. That made me sad when I was little but my mom says that’s because their hearts are touched because we remember them and show them respect. Sometimes they are just happy and sometimes they talk to me and I tell them about my Grampy.

Whenever I see a car in a parking lot with a Veteran’s license plate I ask my mom if we can wait for them to come back to the car so we can thank them, but she always says no because we don’t know how long they’ll be gone from the car.

So my mom bought me these cards for Christmas and I love them so much because I am going to leave them on every Veteran’s car I see around near where we live and everywhere we travel. I am excited to thank all the Veterans I can, because they are all heroes to me.

Here are pictures of the front and back of my cards:



P.S. I said all these words but I told my mom what to type because this was long to explain and it would take me around a year to type all this.

Love, Evan

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